Are you a Perfectionist?

Confessions-of-a-PerfectionistA week or so ago, I posted Be Confident! and have had some great conversations with my crafty friends about [re]gaining confidence.  At the same blog, I saw a post today and I swear they are reading my mind!  Are you a Perfectionist?  Is being a perfectionist causing you to find excuses to not start a project, or feel like a project is never finished?  Do you have a “creative block” or feel overwhelmed and can’t focus?

The first sentence grabbed my attention.  “At the core of perfectionism is fear. Fear of failure. Fear of rejection. Fear of not measuring up to other’s expectations.”  EEEKKK, who got inside of my head and wrote about me?  How to Stop Perfectionism From Ruining Your Art Career had some very real examples and solutions that affect a lot of us, whether you are an artist or not.  I was just saying I compare my work to others and never think it is good enough…their solution, “Instead of comparing, take a minute or two to truly admire those artists’ talent and hard work—without jealousy or anxiety. Then, figure out what you can learn from them and use your comparisons in a positive way.”  Why didn’t I think of that?

perfectMy goodness, don’t be so hard on yourself.  The first step, like many things, is to admit you are a perfectionist.  Despite the root word, perfect, perfectionist is not a pretty word.  Do something wild like arrive 15 minutes late to an appointment or leave your desk messy when you leave work.  Repeat after me…”no one is perfect.”

The quickest way to gain self-confidence is to do something you are afraid to do.  Make a list and watch yourself grow.


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