There was an Eclipse?

Hello friends:

I was soooo excited for Monday, August 21st.  I could not wait for the amazing eclipse!  I had been reading up on it and even though we were not on the path of totality, I figured we would have a good show!  I can be an astrological fan–after all, I drove for miles to find a dark area to see Hally’s Comet.  What an beautiful sight.

So Sunday I got a wild hair to make a shirt to wear to work since it was the first day of fall classes and I would be seeing a lot of students.  I fell in love with this design and it was easy peasy to make.

elipse shirt

I was going to be the Eclipse Queen–I rocked the shirt!  It was very exciting leading up to the big event. I watched the NASA feed and was anxious to see the first glimpses.  My friend Becky went to Wyoming and she posted pictures of the totality–I could not wait to see it.  When I went out at 1:00, this was my view…uh oh…those clouds better get out of my way! The science department set up a telescope for safe viewing and the library was giving out viewing glasses.  I don’t think I had ever seen so many students on campus!


I made my poor assistant Cassie walk around the campus with me in search of a break in the clouds and the beginnings of the eclipse. Everyone got into the festivities, including this Eclipse party, offering starbursts, cosmic brownies, and the ultimate star crunch.

Well, all of Florida got to see it but us.  I was at the Palatka campus and there were clouds everywhere we looked.  Needless to say, I did not get to see it first hand.  Next time I am going to a good viewing spot and doing a non-rain dance.



karen sign

5 thoughts on “There was an Eclipse?

  1. You’re so funny!! The sunshine state, you had ONE job!! I’m so sorry you got clouded out, but I’m glad you enjoyed my pics. 2024 it will be in Texas! Mark your calendar! Love you friend!!!


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