Foamiran Flowers

Hello friends!

I have been playing with the new Foamiran from my dear friends at Magnolia-licious.  Shawn and Candy have a great selection of colors and sizes along with the stamens for that life-like appeal.  The Foamiran gives the flowers a softer look instead of the crisp edges of paper flowers.  It is super easy to work with and within minutes, you can make any flower to match any projects…especially cards!

While waiting for my dies, I thought I would try cutting flower parts with my Silhouette Cameo.  I have so much success with vinyl and the Foamiran cut like butter!  What’s more, it cut more petals at once, saving a lot of time!


Next I took some of my favorite ink, Powder Puffs from Quick Quotes, and inked the edges of the pink Foamiran.  I did learn a little lesson here.  The Power Puffs seeped into the foam more than I thought it would and changed the color.  Use ink sparingly! Don’t forget to ink both sides of the petals.


Next, to give the flower some character, simply take the Foamiran petals and roll each between your fingers for a few seconds.


Finally I glued the petals together.  For the center, I took one of the small petals and folded it over on itself.  The final product…


Here are some of my other flowers.  I love how they turned out!


Please follow me for more instructions on how to make your own beautiful flowers.


6 thoughts on “Foamiran Flowers

  1. Hi I love your foam flowers! I havent had much luck cutting flower foam with my Cameo. Would you tell me what settings you used, please?


  2. Gorgeous flowers with the Foamiran, Karen :o) Great tutorial too!! You had a great idea to use the Silhouette – it did a marvelous job. Thank you for the time you put into this.
    Big Hugs, Candy xoxo

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  3. These are absolutely beautiful. I had read about them but I had not seen any of them actually finished. Putting all your talent to work certainly shows them in their very best light. great, great job Karen

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