Life Happens

3232E0B3-BDDA-4D7B-88DF-C59E31DEED8DBoy life is a whirlwind lately!  It is all I can do to keep up with the necessities. I am sure you all feel this way at some point but you need to remember to slow down, prioritize (fun things and necessities), and balance your life to avoid burnout. It is easier said than done. For example, I have a hard time leaving work. As a college professor, there is always something to do…I keep thinking if I stay one more hour, I can get it done. Nope!  And guess what, it is still there tomorrow. Students, however, expect immediate feedback. In the old days, we got papers back when we met again, sometimes up to a week.

E41D81DF-C8ED-4B7A-8FFA-C654CB7AE07AI am going on another scrapbook cruise with my favorite guy Frank Garcia. We are going to Alaska!  Oh boy!  We are going to have a swap so  am working on my items. I will share pictures soon.  Alaska is a bucket list item so I am super excited. The days at sea, we will be creating. From the sneak peaks, we won’t be disappointed!

I am hopeful to stay above water for a while and share my crafts  in the meantime, happiness is craftiness!


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