What are you Thankful for?

Hello my crafty friends:

Boy, this time of year is a whirlwind isn’t it?  Midway through October, there seems to be an increase of invitations and events filling my calendar!  I love the craft shows that are in the fall–they get me energized and inspired!  Before I knew it, we are in December and had not shared anything!

Thanksgiving is always a wonderful holiday. I like it better than Christmas because you only have to eat a big dinner and have time to visit with the family.  At Christmas, you have to buy gifts, wrap gifts, ship gifts, open gifts, thank people for gifts, and of course, eat.  We had the whole family together this holiday including my brother and his family and my aunt and uncle.

It is a special time to reflect on our lives and spend time with our families.  Don’t take anything for granted…we are not assured another day.  I am extremely thankful for my family and my friends (some friends more than some family 🙂 ).  Take some time for yourself and make something beautiful.  Good friends never say goodbye…they say “see you soon”!


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