Don’t be Afraid

Pretty catchy title huh? I am an education geek and always want to learn why. I am an adult two year old who can’t relax until know the answer or how it was done. Some would call me an artist but I prefer crafter. Regardless of the terminology, we all have a fear of rejection and criticism. Whether your artistry is drawing, music, or even cooking, I bet there have been fears of failure.C2340819-99D1-4C9A-B3A6-9DCE4BC9AC8C

I wish I had the confidence to say “look how great this turned out.” After all, what if it is not great? Does it come with practice? I am not sure. I surround myself with talented people and they seem to think “it” is great. Why can’t I see it?

I found a great article about what scares artists and what to do about it. One of the fears hit home…I am afraid to release work that is not perfect. Have you ever shown someone a project and immediately pointed out the flaws or mistakes? (I am raising my hand.). Perfect is in the eye of the person looking at your project, not you! We are too critical of ourselves. Waiting for perfect will take a long time! I by no means think we have all the fears in this article but you may recognize some.

B75FDF2A-3C47-4F00-AF2E-411429BAFB5DI will have you know I am preaching to the choir. I should heed my own advice. The reason I look for “help me”articles is because I need the help. The best line in the article was: as author Brian Tracy has said, “Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.” Be amazing.

Enjoy what today will bring.


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