Flipping over Foamiran

Happy day friends!

It is an even better day because it is Friday and crop weekend! I’ll be spending it with my peeps from Creative as I want to be. I already know it will be a busy weekend coloring and, well, coloring. But first, I had to show you my newest project, which I am a bit proud of. My good friend, Shawn, at Magnolia-licious is the United States Foamiran dealer and has all the supplies you need to make gorgeous flowers! I love flowers on my cards, the more the better! Now, I can make them to match my project instead of struggling to find something in my stash to match. And talk about easy to make!

Now for my project…it is Homecoming time and I thought I would try making a corsage. I got a hinged metal bracelet from Hobby Lobby for $2.99 and viola!

Hope you can use this for inspiration!  Remember to be confident in yourself!


One thought on “Flipping over Foamiran

  1. Love it! It was so good seeing you this weekend. I’ll be thinking about you and saying a little prayer. Call me if you need me but let me know if they keep you ❤


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