More Craftiness!

This is a gift to a special friend’s God daughter who is getting married.  I love float frames for any occasion.  I have given them for wedding gifts, baby gifts, and retirement gifts.  This one is beach themed because the happy couple’s wedding is beach themed.

clare tom float frame

Other float frames I have made:

Another favorite “go-to” for gifts is the block light.  These are “shower” blocks people use to create a glass wall; individually, they are beautiful lights.  I like to spray the blocks first with Krylon Glass Frosting.  This prevents the contents of the block (lights) of being seen.  There is an opening in the bottom and the blocks come with a plastic cover for this opening.  I like the battery operated lights so you put the whole strand inside the block and not fuss with a cord.  This block was also beach themed.  I finished it with shells and pearls on top.

Wishing the happy couple a lifetime of happiness…beach style.

karen next time

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