Do you Love to Color?

I LOVE coloring!  From pencils, to Copics, to crayons…the more color the better.  I especially love Copics because as alcohol based markers, you can  blend your colors, resulting is some beautiful creations.

For [what seems like years] I have been pinning (Pinterest) Jennifer Dove’s Copic Color of the Day.  Jennifer gives Copic color combinations and is my “go-to” when coloring.  I happened to be looking at something on her blog today and found the original link to her Color of the Day tags.  I thought I would share it for all of you who would like to have this site in  your toolbox.


Other must haves are coloring classes from Kit and Clowder. I was honored to meet and take classes with the owner of Kit and Clowder, Alyce Keegan, when she came to the states 2 years ago.  Alyce is a humble young lady and an amazing artist.  I belong to her monthly coloring classes using Copics and colored pencils and have purchased several of her individual classes.  Alyce records her classes and gives you step-by-step written directions.  The following are some of Alyce’s beautiful pieces.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 1.27.15 AM

I would love to hear about your “go-to” tools when you are creating.

Take some time for yourself–relax and be creative.


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