Artist Trading Cards (ATCs)

I had a wonderful time this weekend with my group from Creative as I Want to Be.  We had two swaps this weekend…one for the Julie Nutting Doll Cards and the other for ATCs.  My Julie Nutting card was similar to the Mother’s Day card.  I started wondering about how ATC evolved and was surprised to find some history behind them!

Artist Vanci Stiremann created the first ATC, which are 2-1/2 by 3-1/2 inches.  This is the same format as football or baseball trading cards.  They are unique pieces of art and are often made to swap with friends.  How interesting!

Here are some of my “unique pieces of art” from previous swaps.

ATCs can be very fancy or simple…everything goes. Here are some favorites that I have pinned to Pinterest and hope to replicate soon.

Wishing you a crafty day.


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